The card game focuses on sexual education, discourse and fun. In addition, the game addresses people who want to expand their sexual education and are interested in ways to  face their insecurities and shamefulness. It is designed to appeal to people who have a strong sense of shame, because playing as a group allows them to distance themselves from the issues discussed and not to necessarily project issues onto themselves. The players learn through the exchange of opinions and experiences. The intention is to encourage adults to discuss and educate them at the same time.

Game idea

Everybody is a winner at the end of the game. Through the intensive exchange one builds trust with their fellow players, you gain strength and knowledge. Try to answer the questions as honestly as possible to get as many opinions and have fun. Be aware that some questions may cause sadness or shame. Everyone is vulnerable. Be empathetic and listen to each other. The game help you to move away from shame. Don't judge each other for their response to questions. If he*she*it*them doesn't want to speak up, one can sits out the round.


The deck includes 40 cards with situations or issues that might be related to shame. These are divided into eight categories: Anatomy, Sexual Identity, Society, Pleasure Tools, Types of Relationships,  Stimulus Needs,  STDs & Preventive methods, Myths and Taboos . You will find an educational booklet that provides further supporting information  to each of the playing card topics.

Game preparation

The game is played clockwise. If there are four or more players, form groups of two or three. As groups, sit together if possible. Cards are shuffled and placed face down in a pile.


Anyone above 18 can play the game. One can  start the game by drawing a card from the face-down pile. The question on the card is read out loud. Each group discusses the card that was drawn. As a group, try to take on the roles of the protagonists from the card. You have five minutes to discuss and agree on the best stratergy to tackle the situation described. Afterwards, each group will share their conclusions with the other groups. If you wish, you can also discuss the topic again with all groups. If you do not know enough about the topic, you can look it up in the information booklet.

cards 120mm width x 70mm height,
box 150mm x 80mm x 25mm

40 playing cards, 1 educational booklet, metal box

two or more persons

18 years and older


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